We receive lots of questions about our canine athletes and our travelling entertainment lifestyle. Below are some common questions we get from fans or those interested in booking canine entertainment.

Are those really your pets?

Yep - Good Karma K9Z was born out of a love for animals, rescue operations and the meaningful enrichment that pets bring into our lives. Over more than 40 years, we've had more than 12 dogs at one time, many horses, countless cats, chickens and even a pet armadillo. These days we keep between 12-15 canines at a time in Crockett, TX with usually at least one foster pet in transition. Our animals are pets and friends first - all of them volunteer for the competition and entertainment roles, but most of them live for it. 🙂

How do you travel with all these animals?

In the early days, we traveled with 2 or 3 dogs in a small SUV and utilized pet friendly hotels, but we quickly became too busy and had to make changes. The first upgrade was a super neat dog catcher van that allowed us to travel and sleep comfortably anywhere with 5 kennels and 2 humans. Shortly thereafter, we added a 20" custom trailer to hold the venue setup which meant we could literally entertain anywhere/anytime. We recently upgraded to a 35' motor home customized with 9 kennels, kitchen, bathroom, shower and more - all in air-conditioned comfort. Good Karma K9Z is a completely self-sufficient operation that can travel to anywhere in the USA providing comfort to the whole crew - canine and human. Contact us here to book a show!

How do you keep all these animals?

We have several acres in the beautiful piney woods of Crockett in east Texas south of Lufkin. It's quiet here with a relatively mild temperature and we keep the canines busy with lots of training and activities. They all enjoy lots of downtime, rest and relaxation as well. We have thick forest, a large pasture, wet weather creek bed and a small pond with a dock for diving. We have indoor and outdoor kennels of professional design and installation to effectively train, manage, and care for our canine family members. All apparatus, set design and new tricks are conceived, created, practiced and perfected on this property. We love what we do!

What is a rescue animal?

All GKK9Z team members are rescue dogs, which means they were given up or abandoned by their original owners for various reasons. Some were unwanted puppies, some were dumped and others might have been involved in dog fighting or other forms of abusive situations. We receive most through foster organizations and shelters, but some show up as stray animals. One thing is for sure, the resiliency of dogs in particular is quite remarkable. No matter their background or breed, they want to love their master, show they are useful and have fun. We own rescues from some of the worst situations you could imagine - and with a little time, love, patience and training - every single one recovers and does amazing things. If you see a Good Karma K9Z show, remember that every dog was unwanted by their original owner and/or abused/neglected before they came to us.

Are all your dogs really Pit Bulls?

Not all of our athletes are Pit Bulls, but many of them are! Also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier, from the same family as the Bulldog and Bull Terrier, this breed originally came from England and ranks very high in courage, loyalty and determination. It's those same qualities that allow some to train them to do terrible things - they are so loyal to their master they will do almost anything to please him/her. While they tend to be very strong and athletic, they are also extremely gentle, loving and great with people. For those of us old enough to have watched Spanky and Alfafa from the children's show 'My Little Rascals' - we remember Petey, a trained canine actor, their beloved Pit Bull friend and protector.


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