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The Good Karma K9Z Story

Human TeamOne day in the early 2000's in Fulshear, TX my daughters found a 6 week old puppy dumped in the ditch near our home. At the time we already owned many dogs, several horses, a few mouse catchers and an occasional foster animal. We did not need another stray, but they successfully hid the puppy from me for some time and when I found her she was already part of the clan - we named her Karma.

Fast forward a little while, Karma had earned her role as leader of the pack - I was emptying out a horse trailer with her at my side and tossed an old Frisbee into the pasture.  She went after the disc with tremendous drive and brought it back to me immediately. I threw it many more times into the evening, the next day and thus began our brand new partnership and future together - neither of us aware of what was to come.

Karma VaultWe had lots of fun and trained hard over the coming months. Karma developed quickly and we began entering contests competing against Border Collies and various other herding style dogs who were known to be talented in athletics and stunts. Karma was tremendously determined, physically talented and exceeded all our expectations. Karma and I traveled the country for many years along with Brusair, Libby, Justice and many others competing in freestyle, toss & catch & dock diving. She learned countless tricks, charmed crowds all over and even served as a licensed therapy dog in hospitals and critical care facilities. "Karma the Flying Pit Bull' has become an ambassador for her breed and aptly displays the countless positive traits of the American Pit Bull / Staffordshire Terrier. Her endless drive, athleticism and entertainer's heart is the hallmark of her personality.

Karma FrisbeeNow more than a decade later, Karma has a room full of trophies, her own signature disc and the biggest heart of any dog around. As queen of the pack, she will occasionally make special appearances, but is officially retired from competition. We will forever honor Karma's wonderful spirit and kind heart - it was her instinct, leadership and loving attitude that built the team we call Good Karma K9Z.

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Good Karma K9Z is all about the dogs.
They are rescue pets, companions, athletes, characters and comedians. Please meet our team:


Founder & Alpha

Our Namesake


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A Joker, a Tightrope Walker


Feature Athlete

Always a Little "Different"


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The Little Barker that Could


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One Speed is all You Need

Black Dog

Athlete & Cheerleader

3 Legged Inspiration


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Show Up and Show Off


Feature Athlete

Big Things Come in Little Packages


Work Hard, Play Harder

Rest in Peace, Friend