Karma the Flying Pit BullThe girl that started it all, she was found on a road side at about 2 weeks old. My daughter brought her to the house and I was not interested in having a Pit Bull in our family;  she hid Karma in her upstairs bed room for 3 months. One weekend they were out of town and I got the phone call “Dad, there is pup in my room, please take care of her.”

The rest is history - when they returned Karma was so attached to me she wanted nothing to do with them. She has been a licensed therapy dog, competed in multiple Canine Frisbee World Championships, earned dozens of trophies & awards, was featured in 6 magazines and had a acting role in season 3 of the HBO series 'Left Overs'.

She is now retired and living a life of leisure with us in Crockett, TX.